An easy guide to reducing your carbon footprint

Carbon Choice is an online marketplace which allows you to make carbon conscious choices. Carbon Choice provides consumers with the carbon footprint of each product so they can make an informed decision when buying things online. We think it is important that the information needed to reduce your impact on the climate should be accessible and transparent to all.

If you are keen to reduce your impact on the climate but are not sure where to start, this e-book is your first step to being able to understand and reduce your carbon footprint.

'An easy guide to reducing your carbon footprint'  by Jonathan Gilmour, Founder of Carbon Choice, is a FREE e-book that you can download below.


Chapter One – Why do carbon footprints matter?

Chapter Two – Calculating Carbon footprints

Chapter Three – Carbon Offsetting

Chapter Four - Energy

Chapter Five - Transport

Chapter Six - Home

Chapter Seven – Food & Drink

Chapter Eight – Buying things

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