How to create an eco-garden?

Here are our top tips to make your garden is environmentally friendly.

1. Keep it local

Using native wildflowers will help to attract more wildlife and bees to your garden and are easy to grow and maintain.

2. Plant a tree

There's no better way to reduce your emissions than plant a tree that will store carbon from the atmoshpere. Plus a tree, can help to reduce noise pollution, provide shade and attract more native species.

3. Start a vegetable patch

Growing your own food is cheaper and more sustainable as prevents food being shipped or flown long distances. It is also a great hobby!  You can grow plenty of foods, like carrots and potatoes or fruit such as apples, tomatoes and berries.

4. Reduce and re-use waste

There are many ways to utilise waste in the garden. Using leftover food, weeds and leaves as compost is very popular as well as collecting rain water using buckets.