Cycling & Walking

How to commute by bike

Cycling is great for the environment and for your health.

1.  Check the distance

If you live quite a distance from work, why not use public transport or the car for part of the journey and cycle the rest until you can build up the distance.

2.  Difficult roads and safety?

If you want to avoid busy roads, check the route beforehand or better ask a colleague at work who cycles whether there are other routes than the main busy roads. Otherwise, it could be good to invest in cycle proficiency training to give you the cycling hazard knowledge that will give you the much needed confidence such as things to look out for. Also, ensure you have lights, reflective equipment and a helmet.

3.  How good of a bike do I need?

As long as your bike is safe, that is all you need. If in doubt, go into any cycling or sports shop and they will be able to help. I'd recommend Halfords. If your employer has a "cycle to work scheme" make the most of to get that bike even cheaper.

4.  What about the weather?

If it is raining, take a waterproof and if it is very sunny, cycling sunglasses are a good idea and hopefully your work will have shower facilities.

5.  How do I keep my bike safe?

Invest in a good solid D-lock, and think about where is best to lock it up.